Working & Living successfully in Germany

Jenny Sandhaas, M.A.

Let–s take a closer look at some aspects of our –cultural software– that make us feel, think and act the way we do! While increasing our understanding of the bigger picture concerning cultures, our focus will be especially on Germany this time. 

Foreign employees and leaders working in sales/purchasing/logistics/HR /corporate communication/business development, etc.

German employees and leaders working abroad or in an international (multicultural) environment and/or team or selling/buying  products internationally


  • Understanding Germany better
  • Developing intercultural awareness and compentence
  • Recognizing pitfalls
  • Discovering strategies for more success in Germany and with Germans
  • Strategies for furthering your company–s culture of learning and development

Main Contents

  • Basics of Cross-Cultural-Communication and -awareness: cultural relativity and its implications for the respective (seed-breeding,  selling, purchasing–) business
  • What makes them/us tick: our cultural –software– – time and space/role models/our expectations  and our values
  • Why –dos and don–ts– are not enough: value orientation: action – process – people  - ideas
  • How we see them – how they see us: case studies and evaluating your own experience.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication: recognizing and riding the interface successfully
  • Communication in Germany inside and outside of the business world
  • Social behavior in Germany: just how long can you wait?
  • Culture shock: traps and pitfalls
  • Building trust: the pillars of success
  •  –If ya can–t beat –em, join –em!–

Presentation – discussion – hands-on-practice - brainstorming

LANGUAGE situation
Handouts are in English. Participants should have at least good, intermediate English language skills. This is a good place to practice discussion skills in English!

Jenny Sandhaas
, M.A.

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